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Detailed Provider Information for Grafton School, Inc.

Legal Name: Grafton School, Inc.
Trading as Name: Grafton Integrated Health Network
Address 1: P.O. Box 2500
Address 2: 120 Bellview Avenue
City: Winchester
State: VA
Zip Code: 22604-1700
County: Multiple Counties
E-Mail Address:
Web Page:
Federal ID # XXXXXXXX2401
Billing Methods: Monthly
Contact/Admissions: Donnie Davis
Phone/Admissions: 540-542-0200
Contact/Administrator: Michelle Kidwell
Phone/Administrator: 540-542-0200 x 6479
Fax Number: 540-542-0318
Public Provider: No
Licenses & Accreditations: VA DOE, VA DBHDS and CARF
Acceptable Forms of Payment  
Statepool Yes
Medicaid Yes
Insurance Yes
Champus No
Private Funding Yes
Parental Payments Yes
Bulletin Board: Call toll free (888)955-5205 ext. 6460 for more info. Service fees listed on this website are for students receiving services throughout VA. Grafton's psychiatric residential treatment facility currently accepts Virginia Medicaid.
Program Description/Philosophy: Grafton Integrated Health Network is a private, nonprofit organization that has provided a full continuum of services to people overcoming emotional, behavioral or developmental challenges. Services include applied behavior analysis, early intervention, psychiatric residential treatment, short-term stabilization program, special education, community-based group homes, intensive outpatient program and outpatient services. In Virginia, Grafton has facilities in Berryville, Richmond and Winchester. For more information, please visit
Geographic Locations Facilities are located in Berryville, Winchester, Richmond, Virginia
Non-Profit Yes
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